Student Support Services Mission

The central mission of Rutgers University's Student Support Services (SSS) program is to increase graduation and retention rates among low-income and/or first-generation college students.

At A Glance

  • 88% Low Income & First Generation Rate
  • 96% Persistence Rate
  • 96% Good Academic Standing Rate
  • 77% Graduation Rate

SSS Application

General Information
* Rutgers ID: ex) 123001234    
* Rutgers NetID: ex) jsmith  
* Last Name:    
* First Name:    
Middle Initial:  
* Home Address:  Street 
* Phones:  Home: (xxx) xxx-xxxx
 *Cell: (xxx) xxx-xxxx 
* Email:
 *Rutgers email   
 Personal email 
* Date of Birth: mm/dd/yyyy    
* Gender:  

Ethnicity/Race:  Definition
* Are you Hispanic?  
* Are you American Indian or Alaskan Native?  
* Are you Asian?  
*Are you Black or African American?  
*Are you White/Caucasian?  
*Are you Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander?  

Academic Needs
High School Name:
High School City:
High School State:
*Did you transfer from another College or University?  
If "Yes" above, what is the name of the institute?
If transferred, were you enrolled in the SSS program?
*Have you ever been employed?  
If "Yes" above, how many years have you worked?  
If employed, what was your wage?
If employed, did you work full-time or part-time?
If "part-time", how many hours per week?  
*Have you ever joined the military service?  
* I earned lower than 2.0 average in high school  
* The score of any section (Math, English or Writing) of my SAT was lower than 500  
*Either my math or writing placement was lower than 100 level courses.  
*I earned C grades or lower in college courses and would like to do better  
*I earned a GED  
*I have a F in a college course  
*I have been in school for at least 5 years so I would like some advice getting back into a routine  
*English is my second language and that interferes with my schoolwork  
*I don’t know what major to claim or what I want to do when I leave here  
*I don’t feel I was prepared for college by my high school  
*I need to raise my grades to claim or stay in my chosen major  

Eligibility Information
*I am a U.S. citizen OR I meet residency requirements for federal student financial assistance  
*Did your parent(s) or you file the most recent (2016 or 2017) taxes?  
* Number of household:  
*Taxable Income Amount: $  
Form1040 ==> Line 43
Form1040A ==> Line 27
Form1040EZ ==> Line 27
Tax Return Transcript ==> Line "Taxable Income"
*What is your tax filing status?  
Dependent: under 24, NOT married, and/or NOT have own chidlren.
Independent: 24 or older, married, have children, emancipated minor, a ward of the court, and/or US veteran.
If taxes were NOT filed, please indicate any other types of family income verification.

if other.
*Please indicate the person/s with whom you resided before your 18th birthday.  
relationship if guardian.
*Does either of your parents/guardians hold a Bachelor's (4-Year) degree?  
*Do you have a documented disability?  
*When did/will you enter Rutgers?  mm/dd/yyyy  
*How did you hear about us?  
Name / website of the referral:
*Are you a "Mountain View" student?  
*Which Program do you participate in?  

Electronic Agreement
  1. I understand if I am selected and contacted for an interview with the TRiO/SSS Program, I must supply federal income documentation, which is required by the U.S. Department of Education - the copy of the pages 1 & 2 of the most recent ( 2016 for current student, 2017 for incoming freshmen ) Federal Income Tax Form 1040.

  2. I am releasing any of my photos taken by SSS Program for the website.

  3. Hereby I authorize the program staff of Student Support Services to access my transcripts and financial aid records.

Your Initial:    

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