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Aresty Research Assistant
Towards Understanding Greenland Ice Sheet Meltwater Losses
Project Summary
During a few warm days in early July 2012, satellites indicated, for the first time since observations began in 1979, that almost the entire Greenland ice sheet experienced surface melting. This mile stone event put the spotlight on the Greenland ice sheet and its enormous freshwater reservoir with potential to raise global sea levels with 7 meters. In this Aresty project, you will work closely with Professor Rennermalm and the Rutgers Arctic hydroclimatology research group in uncovering the driving forces behind Greenland ice sheet meltwater losses. Depending on your interests and skills this work can include analysis of satellite remote sensing data, weather station data, data from field observations and more. The end goal is to better understand how much Greenland ice sheet may raise global sea levels in the 21st century.

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