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This project will be devoted to an exploration of modern methods in machine learning, a field at the interface of computer science and statistics. Specifically, we are interested in applying these methods to biological data sets that our group has already produced and studied. An example of such a project would be methods for learning time-varying networks from data, and applying them to a time course of microarray gene expression data from cells in response to drug doses. This project will be (...)

Aresty Research Assistant
SAS - CCS - BIOMAPS, SAS - Computer Science, SAS - (...)
Bioinformatics, Computational Molecular Biology, Computer (...)

The effects, including toxicity, of many therapeutic drugs, industrial chemicals, and environmental pollutants are usually more pronounced in children and infants than in their adult counterparts. The research project is aimed at identifying the molecular and chemical basis of this age-dependent toxicity of drugs commonly used in infants. Emphasis is on toxicity to the brain and lung in a variety of experimental models, using a wide range of molecular biology and chemical techniques.

General Research
Pharm - Pharmacology & Toxicology
Children , Pharmacology, Drugs, Molecular Biology (...)

Duckweed has the remarkable ability to grow on wastewater streams all over the world. As the fastest growing flowering plants in the world, these tiny aquatic species has the potential to be the feedstock-of-choice to economically produce biomass via sunlight and wastewater, while minimal impact on land use will be expected. Working with two wastewater sources in New Jersey, a nursery and a municipal wastewater treatment plan, we aim to create a demonstration pipeline to produce biofuels from (...)

General Research
SEBS - Plant Biology and Pathology
Biological Sciences, Energy Systems and Engineering, (...)

Spinal cord injury (SCI) results in progressive destruction of spinal cord tissue. Controlling inflammation, which is amplified within the first several post-injury days, has become a critical objective in controlling SCI damage. Recent studies have attributed the degenerative inflammatory cascade to the activation of the proinflammatory M1 macrophage subpopulation, and the absence of the M2 alternative anti-inflammatory subpopulation. An expanding body of evidence suggests that transplanted mesenchymal (...)

General Research
Engn - Biomedical Engineering
Biomedical Engineering, Medicine, Neuroscience

This research project focuses on developing new formulations and analysis strategies to support the increasing volumes and rates at which scientific simulations running at extreme scale generate data, which needs to be transported and analyzed before scientific discovery can be realized. The overarching goal is exploring data-related energy/performance trade-offs at extreme scales. Specifically, it aims at analyzing the behavior of large-scale simulation workflows with an in-situ and other data (...)

General Research
Engn - Electrical & Computer Engineering
Computer Science and Engineering, Informatics

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