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Aresty Research Assistant
Abstractions for Large-Scale Dynamic Distributed Data Intensive Science on National Cyberinfrastructure
Project Summary
Advanced computing and data-analysis techniques are required to solve many of the most challenging science and engineering problems. For example, there are many problems where the volume of data generated is so large, that the data generated and analyzed cannot be stored on a single machine, and thus require distributed computing techniques and tools. However, when several machines are required in the process of solving a single process, different challenges arise, such as coordination and communication amongst the computers, failures of individual computers in the system, and the latency involved in completing the actual calculations.

The RADICAL Group is working with the many science and engineering projects to advance the state of understanding. The RADICAL group in collaboration with the PANDA group – part of the ATLAS project that has recently been credited with the experimental verification of the Higgs Boson, for which the 2013 Nobel Prize was awarded, seeks to advance the analysis capability of the ATLAS project.

The specific aim of the project is to enable the collective utilization of XSEDE ( -- possibly the largest federation of supercomputers globally, to support the analysis requirements of the ATLAS project. This project will involve the integration of RADICAL Cybertools with PANDA so as to be usable on XSEDE.

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