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In this project we will look at active and passive cooling at small scales and for electronic cooling applications. Passive cooling is based on natural conduction and convection, while in active cooling either forced convection or an electric heat pump is used. One type of heat pumps is Peltier coolers, which are solid-state devices and could pump heat from one side to the other side when current is passed through them. The aim of this project is to optimize the performance of such devices (...)

Aresty Summer Science
Engn - Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

Trichoptera are moth-like insects whose aquatic larvae are excellent bioindicators of water quality. Kjer will host the international symposium on Trichoptera at Rutgers, June 4-8, 2015. ( Prior to the symposium, Kjer is hosting a molecular workshop where scientists learn DNA sequencing techniques. Following the symposium, we will go on a collecting excursion to West Virginia. Aresty students would learn all aspects of Trichoptera systematics, (...)

Aresty Summer Science
SEBS - Ecology, Evolution and Natural Resources
Entomology, Environmental Health, Evolution , Phylogeny (...)

The atomistic mechanisms of the hydroxylation and dissolution of oxide glasses in aqueous environments play a fundamentally important role in the development of nuclear radiation waste containment materials, sealing glasses for advanced batteries, bioactive glasses for medical applications, thin film display glasses, and fracture mechanics of optical fibers. However, atomistic mechanisms are difficult to obtain experimentally. We have been using robust molecular dynamics computer simulations (...)

Aresty Summer Science
Engn - Materials Science and Engineering
Materials Science and Engineering

Humans make rapid, ballistic eye movements several times per second and our mental representation of the visual environment is somehow built up from the resulting sequence of views. How accurately do we store information from individual views and how efficiently do we combine information across a sequence of views? These questions are critically important in determining human performance in real-world tasks such as reading, navigation, and visually searching for objects in pictures or scenes. (...)

Aresty Summer Science
SAS - Psychology
Behavior , Probability and statistics , Psychology, (...)

Nanomaterials and nanotechnologies are now widespread in all branches of engineering and science, from health care and cosmetics to solar batteries and fuel cells to drug delivery and biotechnology. Nanomaterials are composed of building blocks dimension of which varies from 1 to 100 nm. In order to understand the specifics of structural, transport, and thermodynamic properties at such small scales, we apply the computation methods of molecular and dissipative particle dynamics (MD and (...)

Aresty Summer Science
Engn - Chemical & Biochemical Engineering
Chemical Engineering, Engineering Sciences

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