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We are looking for a research assistant that will help manage an aquaculture system and evaluate the viability of its filtration system. Our experiments show that the use of duckweeds not only significantly affects the cost of aquaculture and alleviate pressure on wild fish population, but that duckweeds also address water pollution created by the introduction of aquaculture and thus improves the aquatic environment for the fish. The goal of the current project is to better understand the (...)

Aresty Research Assistant
SEBS - Agricultural Economics & Marketing
Aquatic ecosystems , Energy Systems and Engineering, (...)

The purpose of this project is to evaluate the performance of the Federal Reserve, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency and other federal state and regulatory agencies in the prevention of costly bank failures and the promotion of an efficient financial system. Data is being collected from these agencies to permit the writing of a narrative history of bank supervision and econometric analysis.

Aresty Research Assistant
SAS - Economics
Computer Science and Engineering, Economics, Finance

We study neural mechanisms of drug addiction, reward and motor skill learning in the mesolimbic and nigrostriatal dopamine systems in rat models of behaviors involving dopamine transmission. We analyze neural, immune, and behavioral measures in conjunction with the animal's affective state measured via ultrasonic vocalizations that rats emit.

Aresty Research Assistant
SAS - Psychology
Psychology, Addiction, Behavioral Pharmacology, Neuroscience

Our main research interest is in the areas of dietary phytochemicals and cancer prevention. The following specific research projects are currently being conducted in this laboratory: 1. Studies on dietary phytochemicals-mediated cellular signaling and cancer chemoprevention. Many dietary phytochemicals have been shown to possess health beneficial effects. My laboratory is utilizing the latest molecular, cellular, genomics, epigenetics and LC-MS to interrogate the biological responses elicited (...)

Aresty Research Assistant
Pharm - Pharmaceutics
Biological Sciences, Pharmacology

The North Atlantic Ocean is one of the most studied ocean basins with respect to present and past ocean circulation changes. Previous studies have shown that variations in these ocean circulation patterns are associated with different climate states, however, the North Atlantic Ocean’s role in climate change as either an initiator or responder has yet to be determined. Understanding the mechanisms and underlying causes of these abrupt climate changes is one of the major challenges in global climate (...)

Aresty Research Assistant
SAS - Earth and Planetary Sciences
Biology, Chemistry, Earth & Space Sciences, Environment (...)

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