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Over the five decades between the 1962 coastal storm and Hurricane Sandy, vacation home communities of the Jersey Shore experienced a great deal of development, mostly with relatively modest homes on small lots. These homes were in many cases owned by households of relatively modest means. In recent decades, market forces appear to have resulted in greatly escalating land values, relative to the value of the property improvements (the homes). This research project poses the hypothesis that high (...)

Aresty Research Assistant
SEBS - Human Ecology
Environmental Policy, Geography, Regional planning (...)

The 3D metal additive manufacturing processes such as Laser Powder Bed Fusion requires measurement and characterization of process signatures in layer-to-layer, stripe-to-stripe, and tract-to track fusion of powder metal material with geometric parameters (width, length and overlap), identifying pores and defects from images and image streams obtained using digital optical microscopy, scanning electron microscopy or focus variation microscopy techniques and digital image correlation which is an (...)

Aresty Research Assistant
Engn - Industrial Engineering
Computer Science and Engineering, Engineering Sciences, (...)

This project will require precision machining of metallic constructs in advanced alloys such as titanium and nickel-based alloys that are fabricated using 3D additive manufacturing methods. The additive manufacturing of metal parts provides new opportunities to freely design of parts and products which enhances the productivity. In contrast to this manufacturing process, the surface quality of laser fused parts is limiting the application of such technology on precision manufacturing. This project (...)

Aresty Research Assistant
Engn - Mechanical & Materials Science, Inst of (...)
Mechanical Engineering, Nanotechnology , Systems Engineering

Several years ago I created a Google Map of places in New Jersey related to Thomas Edison, who spent most of his career working in the state. This map is accessible under Resources on the Edison Papers website. I am looking for a student to help me redesign the map in Story Maps, which provides a more user friendly way to narrate the story of Edison in New Jersey. In order to develop a richer narrative, the student will assist in creating the narrative and selecting original documents, photographs (...)

Aresty Research Assistant
SAS - Thomas A. Edison Papers
Geography, History

• Emmy Hennings, Poems and Short Prose [Translation and annotations for an English edition] • Rahel Sanzara, The Skilled Hand [Translation and annotations for the English edition of a German novella] German reading knowledge required. In this project you will participate in the preparation of a two editions featuring two unknown modernist women writers, with the aim to produce tow annotated editions of their work in English. The first writer is Expressionist and Dadaist writer Emmy Hennings (...)

Aresty Research Assistant
SAS - Germanic, Russian & E. European Lang & (...)
Literature, Women

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