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Project Summary: Falls among older adults 65 years and older rank as the #2 cause of injury related deaths in the United States. Across all settings, older adults fall. Nearly 1/3 of community dwelling elders fall yearly, and in long term care facilities, the incidence of recurrent falls increases to over 50%. Older adults’ lived experiences of a serious fall, and as shown in prior work, often caused significant emotional distress due to the trauma incurred in the aftermath of the fall, igniting (...)

Aresty Research Assistant
College of Nursing

Since 2014, the automotive company Volkswagen (VW) has been enthralled in a reputation-tarnishing scandal that has drawn much scrutiny toward the automotive industry. Researchers studying the emissions of a VW diesel-burning vehicle identified a large discrepancy between the emissions level produced under laboratory and typical driving conditions (Thompson, Carder, Besch, Thiruvengadam, & Kappanna, 2014). Under laboratory conditions, this vehicle would meet emissions standards set forth by the Environmental (...)

Aresty Research Assistant
RBS - Management & Global Business
Business, Psychology

Environmental sources of antibiotic resistant bacteria have been linked to clinical infections. At the same time, fecal contamination is the most common cause for listing of waterways as 'impaired.' Two separate projects in our lab are working on advancing biomolecular techniques for source tracking and preventing the spread of harmful microbes in environmental systems. Research will take place in the field and laboratory to address these pressing water quality issues.

Aresty Research Assistant
Engn - Civil & Environmental Engineering
Civil & Environmental Engineering, Environment (...)

Delta wings are highly-swept planforms useful for flight conditions where high-maneuverability is required. Due to the sweep angle on the wing, strong vortices are formed that can generate increased lift at specific angles of attack. Current interest among the aerodynamics community is in a class of delta wings whose flow field exhibit increased complexities, but are desirable for micro air vehicle applications. This project is an experimental study of a type of low-sweep delta wing planform, (...)

Aresty Research Assistant
Engn - Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
Aeronautics and Astronautics, Mechanical Engineering

The purpose of the proposed research is to develop a case study of a historic Afro-Brazilian community in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil in order to explore the current human services conditions of the community, understand how the community is organized and governed, and learn about the social networks in the community. Qualitative data will be gathered through focus groups and participant observations of the community. While the selected student will not travel to Brazil, they will perform (...)

Aresty Research Assistant
School of Social Work
Human rights, Identity , Inequality , International (...)

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