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German cockroach is the number one indoor pest in the U.S. It contaminates food, produces allergens that can lead to allergy and increased asthma morbidity. Common methods for monitoring cockroaches is to lay glue board traps. It is known that adding attractive food to the trap will significantly increase the efficacy of traps. But they are inconvenient for commercial use. At present, there is not an effective commercial cockroach lure on the market. Studying the cockroach attractiveness to various (...)

Aresty Summer Science
SEBS - Entomology
Biological Sciences

Changes in populations and, subsequently, catches of marine fishes and invertebrates have always been of great concern, especially for species that are commercially important due to the revenue they bring in and their significance for food security. As climate change becomes more extreme and variable, synchronous patterns of both marine and terrestrial organisms have been observed globally. This is worrying because it indicates greater sensitivity of populations to both climate change and human-induced (...)

Aresty Summer Science
SEBS - Ecology, Evolution and Natural Resources
Biology, Conservation Biology, Ecology, Fish , Fisheries, (...)

Our lab has been looking at new compounds from which to develop potential antimalarial drugs. Much of our efforts go into chemically modifying classes of molecules known to bind to enzyme active sites, but that haven't been developed for use against malaria. As one example, we have been able to modify tetrahydroquinolonic (THIQ) amides to obtain several new compounds with high activity in several assays against Plasmodium falciparum, the malaria causing organism. These same compounds already are (...)

Aresty Summer Science
SAS - Chemistry & Chemical Biology
Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry

This research will involve intensive field work on the Raritan River near New Brunswick and on the open ocean off the coast of New Jersey, and some lab and data analysis work, including: 1. Wading in the Raritan River and capturing fish with nets 2. Assisting with fish trap deployment and retrieval on small vessels on the open ocean 3. Weighing and measuring fish and crustaceans and removing fish scales for aging 4. Tagging fish with small electronic tags 5. Downloading data from two remote (...)

Aresty Summer Science
SEBS - Inst of Marine & Coastal Sciences
Aquatic ecosystems , Conservation Biology, Ecology, (...)

The North Atlantic Ocean is one of the most studied ocean basins with respect to present and past ocean circulation changes. Previous studies have shown that variations in these ocean circulation patterns are associated with different climate states, however, the North Atlantic Ocean’s role in climate change as either an initiator or responder has yet to be determined. Understanding the mechanisms and underlying causes of these abrupt climate changes is one of the major challenges in global climate (...)

Aresty Summer Science
SAS - Earth and Planetary Sciences
Biology, Chemistry, Earth & Space Sciences, Environment (...)

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