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Recent studies examining the impact of nutrition on lifespan indicate that the balance of protein intake is a key determinant but the underlying mechanisms are not yet clear. Dietary amino acid insufficiency can reduce growth, but can also act to increase resistance to surgical stress, improve metabolic fitness and slow metabolic aging. This uncoupling between growth and health raises important questions concerning the relationship between amino acid nutrition and protein homeostasis. This project (...)

Aresty Summer Science
SEBS - Nutritional Sciences
Biochemistry, Gene Regulation , Molecular Biology, (...)

Despite the astonishing amount of information now known about the sequential makeup and spatial organization of many genomes, there is much to learn about how the vast numbers of bases in these systems contribute to their three-dimensional architectures and workings. The structures of DNA and RNA contain information that dictates the observed arrangements of bases within these molecules and the susceptibilities of different base sequences to interactions with proteins and other molecules. Our group (...)

Aresty Summer Science
SAS - CCS - BIOMAPS, SAS - Chemistry & Chemical (...)
Chemistry, Computational Molecular Biology, Biophysics

Microplastics are emerging contaminants in the freshwater environment. This issue was brought to light by the addition of primary plastics to personal care products that have since been phased out. The search for microbeads in water highlighted other microplastic pollution. Our lab has a field study planned for Summer 2018 that involves source tracking towards preventing the spread of these pollutants environmental systems. Research will take place in the field and laboratory to address this (...)

Aresty Summer Science
Engn - Civil & Environmental Engineering
Chemistry, Civil & Environmental Engineering, (...)

German cockroach is the number one indoor pest in the U.S. It contaminates food, produces allergens that can lead to allergy and increased asthma morbidity. Common methods for monitoring cockroaches is to lay glue board traps. It is known that adding attractive food to the trap will significantly increase the efficacy of traps. But they are inconvenient for commercial use. At present, there is not an effective commercial cockroach lure on the market. Studying the cockroach attractiveness to various (...)

Aresty Summer Science
SEBS - Entomology
Biological Sciences

Our lab has been looking at new compounds from which to develop potential antimalarial drugs. Much of our efforts go into chemically modifying classes of molecules known to bind to enzyme active sites, but that haven't been developed for use against malaria. As one example, we have been able to modify tetrahydroquinolonic (THIQ) amides to obtain several new compounds with high activity in several assays against Plasmodium falciparum, the malaria causing organism. These same compounds already are (...)

Aresty Summer Science
SAS - Chemistry & Chemical Biology
Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry

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